Inpatient Rehab in New Braunfels, TX

Inpatient rehab in New Braunfels is an excellent option for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. There are many options to choose from with respect to our treatment programs in New Braunfels. Inpatient Rehab programs are usually chosen on the premise that the addiction is too severe for outpatient treatment.

Inpatient Rehab is where a patient is admitted for treatment in a residential facility. An inpatient rehab center acts as a home for the patient, and they eat, sleep and undergo treatment there. Our inpatient rehab in New Braunfels is one of the best in the entire state of Texas.

This purpose-built facility offers men's drug rehab with offerings of long term residential care as well as sober living and outpatient programs. Typical lengths of stay at this facility is up to 90 days.

What Is the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?

The difference between inpatient and outpatient rehabs is obvious; outpatients do not reside in their care facility. Inpatient Rehab programs are usually reserved for those with very severe addiction. They require intensive round the clock care and are very susceptible to a relapse. Inpatient Rehab Programs offer a holistic range of treatment therapies that aid the person in beating their addiction and recognizing the potential risks of relapse that they may face.

Inpatient therapy is very intensive and usually includes daily counseling and group sessions, and potentially alternative therapies such as art and music. Inpatient Rehab in New Braunfels is no exception, with many facilities offering great treatment programs. Those that undertake an inpatient program are going to face a very tough road ahead of them, as they are largely separated from family and friends. This form of treatment is usually the last resort for many addicts.

How to Know if Inpatient Rehab in New Braunfels Is Right for Me

Due to the deeper intensity of inpatient programs, a recovery success rate is generally considerably higher. Inpatient Rehabs in New Braunfels see a lower likelihood in relapse then their outpatient counterparts. Reasons for this can range from program intensity, round the clock care and general treatment length.

Deciding on the best option for you is down to your ability to self-manage your addiction. For those that are immersed in culture and social environment of substance abuse, removing themselves completely is usually the best option. Inpatient treatment programs are usually very nurturing environments and provide the sickest addicts with the care and support that they truly need.

If you have a very supportive family, and you feel that you are not completely overwhelmed by your addiction just yet, you may not feel that inpatient care is right for you. Generally inpatient treatment is reserved for the most vulnerable and at risk patients.

Our alcohol rehab in New Braunfels offers all the necessary treatments to get you on the path to recovery. Before deciding on your inpatient plan of choice, make sure to discuss options with your family and loved ones. It is important that before embarking on a treatment plan, that you have support behind you. Call us now for more information (830) 542-3080.

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