Treatment Programs in New Braunfels, TX

There is a wide range of treatment programs in New Braunfels and they cover many different sizes and shapes of addiction. It can be very overwhelming to work out what is the appropriate treatment facility for yourself or your loved one, but with your doctor's help, you should be able to concentrate on a few options. Before choosing a treatment program for addiction, it is highly important that you understand the different types of therapy that are available.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

In short, Addiction Treatment Therapy is the specific type of therapy chosen to treat addiction. Therapies can have included behavioral approaches, medications, or even a combination. The type of treatment that is utilized will really depend on the severity of the addiction in the first instance.

For example, those in the strong hold of addiction will first need to undergo drug detox in New Braunfels before physiological therapies can take place. Patients who are further down the line in their treatment can afford to explore a couple of different options such as the 12-Step Programs, Art Therapy and Music Therapy.

The 12 -Step Program is a very conventional approach to alcohol addiction and its success is widely known. At its core, the idea is that 12 steps to recovery must be taken to successfully beat addiction. Some of the steps are acceptance, admittance and remorse. The program is a rather stringent approach to addiction recovery and may not suit everyone.

Music and Art Therapy are emerging as very successful methods of battling addiction. Self-expression through music and art is increasingly allowing people to look inside themselves and face up to difficult emotions and feeling head on. These therapies are cited as being incredibly beneficial particularly for the younger generation of addicts.

Songbird Music Therapy is one example of the many treatment programs in New Braunfels. This facility offers music therapy to aid with depression, dementia and addiction issues.

A more specific Drug Addiction Treatment Program is Smart Recovery. It is also a very adept program that deals with alcohol addiction and it makes an alternative for the 12 Step Program. Our treatment programs in New Braunfels offers Smart Recovery.

The premise behind the therapy is that it gives ownership back to the addict to reclaim control of their lives with little steps on a week to week basis. It is suitable for people who are ready to face and accept their illness, but not so successful for those in denial of their addiction.

Other examples of treatment programs include luxury style facilities, outpatient options and drug intervention in New Braunfels. The core of its ethos is to empower patients with the tools that they need to help them on their journey.

They have several different centers within the facility that are tailored to suit people on the different stages of their journey. The substance abuse detox center is for those in the height of their addiction, and patients are more likely to be admitted here through external intervention. There is also a center that is based around holistic therapies including recovery fitness.

Whatever the addiction that is gripping you or a loved one, there are no shortage of drug treatment programs in New Braunfels. The most important step is to make sure that you have strong support as you take the first important step on your journey of healing. Call us now for help (830) 542-3080.

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