Relapse Prevention in New Braunfels, TX

The successful beating of addiction is something to celebrate, but do not be too premature. Relapse prevention is as much an important part of addiction treatment, as the stopping of substance abuse itself. Relapsing is incredibly common and there are many reasons why people relapse. In this article, we will examine relapse prevention, and the tools to avoid relapse. We will also examine Relapse prevention in New Braunfels and the relapse prevention treatment programs that are available.

What Is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse Prevention is an approach to relapse, with the goal of identifying behaviors and actions that are likely to lead a person to a place of relapse. It examines the high-risk situations that people may find themselves in and the psychological determinants behind a person's choice to re-use.

Why Are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

Relapse Prevention Tools are critical to equip an addict with the frameworks necessary to avoid relapse. There are relapse prevention programs out there that aid an addict to implement their own set of tools to ensure minimal risk of relapse. Relapse Prevention in New Braunfels is the best way for addicts to learn to cope with life without substance abuse.

Just some of the tools available to a person include relaxation methods, distraction, buddy systems and an idea called "playing the tape through". Playing the tape through is concerned with deeply assessing how a seemingly insignificant relapse (for example having one drink) can in fact lead to detrimental consequences.

It is recognizing the whole story in which these situations tend to play out; that is that one drink leads to several, and in turn is likely to awaken one's addiction.

A buddy system is like having a sponsor, a person to call on in times of weakness. They are there to remind you of the reasons why you want to conquer your addiction and they act as a support.

Another really important step in relapse prevention is to remove yourself from social situations in which substances are used. If you have a circle of friends that were supportive to your addiction problems or fed your habit, it is imperative that you cease to socialize with them.

Relapse Prevention is largely concerned with having a very heightened sense of self awareness. You yourself will know what triggers are likely to cause relapse, so it is important to remove yourself from triggering situations or to use distraction and relaxation therapies to act as a support.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

From our alcohol rehab in New Braunfels to our in house treatment centers, there are plenty of ways to implement relapse prevention in New Braunfels. Our facility uses mindfulness tools to battle relapse thinking patterns and they work primarily on the idea of patient empowerment.

Giving the addict the choice is manage their own issues is generally more successful, as you are trusting them to be responsible. Responsibility is a valuable gift to give a recovering addict, as it shows a rebuild of trust which is important for the self-esteem of the patient. It is not necessarily the go to tool in the first stages of addiction treatment, but useful at relapse prevention stage.

As a family member or friend of a recovering addict, your most important role is to quietly monitor the behavior of your loved one. Successfully completing drug detox in New Braunfels does not mean that your loved one is out of the woods yet, and they really need to have a through support system around them to ensure ongoing success.

Relapsing is so common because there is not enough support and tools put in place to aid an addict in ongoing recovery. Most of time, people are too premature in their thinking that an addiction is cured. It is incredibly important to note that addiction issues tend to follow someone for their whole life. The path ahead of them will be a difficult one, but with the right tools they can lead a healthy and happy life, just like anyone else. Call us now for help (830) 542-3080.

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