Drug Detox in New Braunfels, TX

Drug detox in New Braunfels is not hard to find; there is a kaleidoscope of options available for drug addicts. A best place to start is usually with an individual's doctor, as they can usually provide some options as a starting point.

It is very important to understand the meaning of drug detox and not confuse it with drug rehab. Drug detox is essentially the intervention of the physical dependence to a drug, and often it is through forced drug withdrawal. This is why seeking treatment for drug withdrawal in New Braunfels is crucial.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox

The symptoms associated with drug detox are wide and varied, and pertain to both the psychological and physical effects. The drug detox process is where so many fall, as it is incredibly tough on the person.

The physical symptoms of drug detox include sweating, racing heart, palpitations, muscle tension, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The symptoms can vary from mild to severe and really depend on the level of one's addiction. These symptoms alone can make it incredibly difficult for a person to continue their detox journey.

The mental and emotional side effects are as bad, if not worse. They can include anxiety, depression, insomnia and irritability.

It is imperative that a sufferer of drug addiction does not try to embark on a drug detox process without medical assistance. It is very dangerous to attempt detox without the help of professionals, due to the intense side effects. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enter a drug detox treatment center to give yourself the best chance of recovery.

There are many options for drug detox in New Braunfels. Our private facility offers detox for a wide range of substances including pain medications and illegal substances. The staff are very skilled on treating the patient throughout their detox to ensure that both the physiological and physical side effects are monitored.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

Entering a drug detox center is really the only option for effective addiction treatment. Attempting to detox alone is both dangerous and generally ineffective. With no support system, the addict is likely to relapse. It is obvious why people may not be enthusiastic about entering drug detox.

To commit to such a therapy is to essentially admit the presence of an addiction problem. Similarly entering a drug detox treatment center is surrendering your freedom to access drugs. Those in the thick of a very strong drug addiction will not wish to cut off their drug lifeline.

It is important to note that drug detox programs are also used for alcohol addiction, as alcohol is classed as a drug. Alcohol treatment often begins at our alcohol rehab in New Braunfels, which has programs for detox and is generally quite successful.

Embarking on a drug detox in New Braunfels is not difficult. If you are striving to enter a drug detox program, make sure that you have prepared yourself. Such preparations include informing loved ones, ensuring work is informed of your absence and taking care of other general business such as paying bills.

In the instance that the above is not possible (perhaps you have money issues because of your addiction) make sure that you inform a family member. You are in a very vulnerable place, and it is now more than ever that you need support. It is very important to also brace yourself for what is to come.

Drug detox is not a pleasant place to be, but it is essential to undertake on your road to recovery. Have faith in yourself that you will heal, and most importantly understand that you are stronger than the drug that has taken hold on your life. Call us now for help (830) 542-3080.

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